Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Select a City to live in through Numerology?

When it comes to residence, a recreational tour, or an employment etc. in some other city, do you think that any city can be equally handy and favorable for you? Well, no doubt, there are certain logical explanations and rationale arguments through which you may select a Best city out of several options. BUT, many of us do NOT rely only a rationale approach but also use Intuition and Gut feeling, which is sometimes, more accurate than the '5 senses' based rationale approach alone. Have you ever experienced such a situation?

Why is it so that when we choose a city to live in, for travelling or even for employment purposes through our Gut feeling and Intuition (along with rationale approach), it mostly turned out to be a success. The reason is, our Gut feeling and Intuition are based on Spirituality, and spirituality is linked with Energies (vibrations) which we cannot see through our eyes. Luckily, Numerology explains this phenomenon of energies very effectively. 

Actually, cities are places, and places have vibrations (energies). These vibrations may be favorable for someone while unfavorable for others. That is why, Not all the cities and places can be equally beneficial for you in terms of health, wealth, happiness, and peace. How come? The answer is if your energy is in harmony with the energy of the city you are living in or deciding to move to, then it will yield success and favors indirectly (if God wills), on the other hand, if your energy is in conflict with the energy of the city, you might not be able to achieve success and have to face difficulties. Probably this is the reason as to why people migrate from one city to another being not so successful in thier current city and keep on trying this until they settled somewhere positively. However, you can learn how to figure out the vibrations (energies) of a city and  match it with yours in order to have better results through Numerology (without a trial-and-error process). Let's do it:   

The Process
The process is very simple. You just need to figure out vibrations (energies) of (i) Yourself and (ii) the Prospective City and (iii) Compare them. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Your Energy (vibration) Number
Your vibration (energy) is based on your Birth Date and is expressed in a Number ranging from 1 to 9. This number is known as Birth Date Number in Numerology. Find your Number from the following chart:

For example, I was born on 23rd of October, so according to 23, my Birth Date number or energy is Number 5. It's so easy!

Step 2: Energy (Vibration) Number of City
The energy (vibration) number of a city is computed through the numbers of alphabets in the name of the city and then added up to a single number. For example, my favorite city is Lahore (by my heart). So I have the name of the city as LAHORE. Now from the following chart, I derive the numbers for the alphabets of LAHORE. Have a look:

The numbers of Lahore are as follows:

    L   A   H   O   R   E
    3   1    8    6    9   5

Now add up all these numbers to a "Single Number". 3+1+8+6+9+5 = 32 (32 is not a Single Number), so we further add up 32 i.e. 3+2 = 5. So this is how we keep on adding up the number until we have a single number (1-9). Thus, the Energy (vibration) Number of LAHORE is "5". You can easily calculate the energy number of your cities. It's so simple.

Step 3: Comparing Your Energy Number with the City's Energy Number
In the thrid and final step, you have to compare Your energy number with the energy number of the city. The comparison will tell you that whether the city you are interested in is a 'Best' option, Second option, has a Neutral Effect, or such a city that you must Avoid. This comparison is very simple and easy. You just need to have your energy number and your city (you are interested in) energy number and then simply follow the chart as below:   

Comparison of Birth Date Number with City Vibration Number

For example, my Energy Number is '5' and the Energy Number of LAHORE is also '5'. So according to the Pythagorean Numerology Chart above, Lahore is 'the Best' option for me. Being a '5' (Birth Date Number), I must 'avoid' cities having an energy number of 2 or 4. The rule of thumb is that you choose a city whose energy number equals your energy number. If, say, you are a '5' (Birth Date Number), you can work out many cities whose energy number is '5'. Another thing to notice in the chart above is, '5' has so many options. This is because, according to Numeroloy, 5 is the most adaptable number and can survive in any city except 2 and 4. 

This is all about How to Select a City to live in through Numerology? Now you are able to understand why different cities and places affects you differently and why it is ordained in the Divine religions to migrate for better life and livelihood (or to have more from life through exploiting your potential). I positively expect that you are now in a position to help those, who are having troubles in life (whether financial, health, etc.) in suggesting a better city to live. But first, apply it on Yourself!

Good Luck!


  1. Nice work Good research. That numerology thing, is really work in real life.

  2. fantastic one!
    im also interested in numerology so i like it........although according to this test lahore is not appropriate for me to live
    what can i do........!

  3. @ Munir: Keep on giving alms and charities. This will ward off the negative energies. God has better solutions for man. keep on praying. Cheers :-)

  4. can numerology tells about past and future of somebody??????.

  5. Nice work there. I would like to ask you a question though.

    Me, my wife and daughter have energy numbers 4, 1 and 5 respectively. How do we decide which city is better for us? Currently we are leaving in a city with energy number 2 and facing lot of problems. From my analysis energy number 1 suits all of us but not parents & in laws etc.

    Any guidance in this regard would be helpful.

  6. Shukriya... Janab Ahmed.

  7. im a "5" and i grew up in a town "4", i felt very good there as far as the town, out of the city, farm land all around and woods. now the wicked step father, that was a different story lol.

  8. can you use your full birthday instead of day of birth??

  9. Good info, you can also use your full birth date which adds up to your life path number I have had success with not only my birth day, but with my actual life path number. this really is divine science at work.

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  11. Why are you not using the person's full numerology #--birth year plus date plus month and total? Why are you using just their birth date? For instance, my number is a 5 but if I just use my birth date it's a 4. Other sites that have calculated where you should live by # use your entire number, not just your birthdate. Can you explain this? Thanks!

  12. Hi I was borned on the 1 of the month...I have a cuestion! if I live in a city that adds up to 2 wish is neutral to me but I work in a city with a master number that adds up to 33 that adds up to a 6 which is bad for me.. What number is more important the # were your house is or both and how thank you

  13. Very Good article. I use this amazing APP (LuckyCity4u) to calculate the same https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.cordova.luckycity4u&hl=en
    From my understanding results are same.
    APP just automats the calculation part.

  14. Why should 5s avoid 2 or 4 cities?